SA, Pretoria braces for civil servant’s strike over wages and working conditions

A multitude of civil servants in South Africa civil servants in Pretoria, one of South Africa’s three capital cities, serves as the seat of the executive branch of government, and as the host to all foreign embassies to South Africa. And this is where they decided to mainly stage a national strike demanding an increase in salaries and better working conditions.

This was due to the disagreement between the government and workers to increase their demands by 6.5% Government instead offered them a 3% salary hike which they rejected.

On Thursday 10th of November 2022,  the civil servants handed over a list of their demands to the treasury department as they marched in the capital Pretoria on Thursday where they handed over a list of their demands to the treasury department.

“Public servants, like other employees and taxpayers, are feeling the severe effects of major price increases for fuel, transport, and food as well as interest rate hikes,” the PSA said.

The public servants claimed that their strike is expected to cause a serious impact on the activities of government departments, especially Home Affairs, which issues identity documents and passports. Immigration services at the country’s border posts and airports are likely to be affected.

According to the PSA, this is the first major Public-Service strike since 2010.

In Johannesburg, thousands of civil servants across the country are set to return to work this morning following a wage strike by the Public Servants Association of South Africa (PSA).

Workers in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape, Limpopo and Mpumalanga are among those who took to the streets on Thursday, calling for a wage hike.

The PSA and health professionals union Hospersa demand a 10% increase across the board.

Meanwhile, airport authorities have warned that the industrial action may cause delays at passport control and have warned travellers to arrive for their flights at least four hours before departure time.


It should be noted that on 9th November 2022 Civil servants represented by the Public Servants Association (PSA) planned to elevate their currently ongoing limited labour action into a full nationwide indefinite strike starting Nov. 10.

 As part of its effort to press the government to agree to a larger pay increase, the union had initially launched a series of lunch-hour pickets in various parts of the country on Nov. 4 with a protest march scheduled to take place in Pretoria on Nov. 10. 

The escalation comes amid claims by labour leaders that negotiations have produced no progress.

According to the PSA, the strike will primarily impact the activities of the Home Affairs, Transport, and Border Control departments. Although the union also asserts that the work stoppage will affect major airports and air travel, Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) has as yet announced no flight disruptions and has reportedly implemented contingency plans to mitigate the strike’s impact.

Striking workers will also stage a number of street protests in major cities across the country on Nov. 10. Organizers have announced demonstrations at the following locations and start times:

11:00: Keizersgracht Street, Cape Town.

09:00: Paradise Hall, Phahameng Loc, Bloemfontein.

10:00: Skenjana Hall, Bhisho.

09:00: Kemo Motel on Barklay Road, Kimberley.

08:00: March starting at King Dinuzulu Park, Durban.

09:00: March starting at Richardson Park Stadium, Mthatha.

09:00: March starting at Old Putco Depot on Struben Street, Pretoria.

They planned accordingly for public services and transport disruptions during the announced labour strike. Reconfirm business meetings with affected government agencies; contact air travel providers to confirm flight schedules. Avoid all protests to mitigate associated disruptions; leave the area at the first sign of clashes or any other security disturbances.

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