68 confirmed dead after plane crashes in central Nepal

68 people were confirmed dead after a passenger plane crashed in Nepal
Plane that killed 68 passengers
| Photo Credit: CBS

On  Sunday morning 15th January 2023, 68 people were confirmed dead after a passenger plane crashed near a popular tourist centre at the base of one of the highest mountain ranges known as the Himalayas.

According to the country’s aviation authorities,  the plane carrying 72 passengers and crew members crashed down on Sunday while on its way from the capital Kathmandu to Pokhara in central Nepal.

Among the passengers on the flight, were 15 foreign nationals, namely Indians, Russians and South Koreans, and four crew members to mention but a few.

One of the witnesses said that he saw the aircraft spinning violently in the air after it began to attempt a landing, watching from the terrace of his house. 

Nevertheless, it should be notable that the domestic carrier Yeti Airlines operated the flight although it questions itself about the crash.

According to police, The Yeti Airlines ATR 72 dived into a steep gorge, smashed into pieces and burst into flames with 72 people on board as it approached the central city of Pokhara.

In an attempt to remove the dead bodies, Soldiers used ropes and stretchers to retrieve bodies from the 300-metres  into the night, with recovery efforts continuing up to date.

“We have so far sent 63 bodies to the hospital,” police officer AK Chhetri said on Monday. “Due to fog, the search has been paused. We will continue the search after one or two hours when the weather clears.”

However, Rescue workers were sent to spot in there after the crash, and tried to put out the raging fires that were sending thick black smoke into the sky.

In regards to the plane crash,  authorities pointed out that bodies would be handed over to families after identification and examination.

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