Bobi Wine In Support Of The EU Parliament Resolution

The East African Crude Oil Pipeline Project (EACOP) is a pipeline that will transport oil produced from Uganda’s Lake Albert oilfields to the port of Tanga in Tanzania where the oil will then be sold onwards to world markets. The pipeline is buried and once topsoil and vegetation have been re-instated people and animals and has displaced many people.
The East African Crude Oil Pipeline
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The well-known opposition leader for National Unity Platform(NUP) and ghetto president Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine has backed up the European Union resolution to delay the East Africa Crude Pipeline Oil (EACOP) project following the allegations of the violation of human rights violations. 

Bobi wine suggested that the EU Parliament petitioned Uganda on issues concerned with human rights in the Ugandan government.

“We didn’t only welcome the resolution but we procured it. we encouraged our people to demonstrate, we encouraged our people to use all platforms to lobby and to make sure the European Union does not either directly or indirectly support the oppression of Ugandans”. Kyagulanyi said in an interview. 

He believes that human rights violated and displaced different individuals from their pieces of land following the pipeline construction.

Furthermore, Bobi wine added that there are rampant abductions of people where at least two people are abducted by state organisations daily.

Bobi Wine said the rule of law in Uganda no longer holds because the judiciary works for Museveni and that’s why they petitioned outside Africa. He said African leaders are focusing on diplomacy at the expense of democracy. 

“All presidential monarchs that have been established around the world are a result of oil; those in Iraq, Libya, and Syria all became dictators after discovering oil. Therefore conditions have to be put before our oil is extracted”, Bobi wine said. 

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