Bobi Wine’s Speech On NTV Kenya

Bobi Wine was hosted on NTV Kenya to discuss human rights violations in Uganda.
Robert Kyagulanyi
| Photo Credit: observer

In an interview on NTV Kenya regarding serious human rights violations, Bobi Wine said the kidnapping of people has become a method of instilling fear in those who criticize the government.

Bobi Wine added that “ what is happening in Uganda is not happening because we have a ruthless president but because it has been tolerated by the world”. 

Among the latest cases of abduction is Remy Bahati’s family, a former journalist in Uganda before moving to the US her brother Calvin Katungi, her cousin brother Mugume Latif and their friend Abella.

He also added that “every day I fear for my life, but at least for me I know my life is in danger, there are so many Ugandans out there who do not know their life is in danger. I like to say that while it’s dangerous to speak out, it’s even more dangerous to keep quiet”.

Calling on sister states in the East African Community not to turn a blind eye when human rights are continually violated in Uganda.

“I was shocked and devastated when I heard President Ruto address Museveni as the father of the region because he is not the kind of father that the region needs”.

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