China To Loosen Up COVID Curbs After Long Week Of Protests

More Chinese cities eased anti-virus restrictions and police patrolled their streets Thursday as the government tried to defuse public anger over some of the world’s most stringent COVID measures and head off more protests.
Chinese wearing masks on the streets of Beijing
| Photo Credit: PBS

In the easing of the country’s tough “zero COVID” in China, local authorities have cleared the air that there is no need for a negative COVID-19 test to access supermarkets and commercial buildings in the capital Beijing.

However, when it comes to schools, bars, karaoke lounges, internet cafes, indoor gyms plus nursing homes, natives ought to present a negative test result to enter such places.

It should be noted that these massive protests started on November 25 after claims that COVID curb had led to several deaths from an apartment building fire that killed 10 people.

Given the country’s poor vaccine coverage most especially when it comes to elders and lack of natural immunity, analysts claim that a quick reopening is doubtful.

“China is not ready for a fast reopening yet,” said a report released Monday. “We expect lingering containment measures.” Morgan Stanley said .”

According to the National Health Commission, Only 40 per cent of Chinese over 80 have received the third dose of vaccine, this percentage is very low as compared to other countries.

However, China’s capital Beijing revealed plans to vaccinate millions of Chinese in their 70s and 80s, last week.

In conclusion, though  Beijing loosened some restrictions and portrays newer coronavirus variants as less severe, There is no indication that China will soon open and turn back to normal.

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