General Muhoozi To Meet With Prime Minister of Ethiopia

The son of the President Of Uganda Gen Muhoozi set to meet with the PR of Ethiopia.
Muhoozi welcomed by the Prime Minister on arrival
| Photo Credit: getway

It should be known that the President’s son General Muhoozi Kainerugaba has been invited to visit Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed about Ugandan Affairs. This comes after his invite to go have discuss regional security respectively.

Muhoozi has been standing in for Uganda’s stability for example when he visited Rwanda to fix the long-standing tensions between the two countries that had led to the closure of a common border for three years.

“The stability of East Africa depends on two countries, Ethiopia and Uganda. The river Nile begins from these two mothers of Africa. I am going to Ethiopia to try and bring understanding between us. May Jesus Christ be with us!” Twitted Gen. Muhoozi.

  • Reasons behind the meeting

He was also going to visit Kenyan President Kenyatta Uhuru to discuss some important affairs but also forward or deliver a special message. 

Should it be confirmed that Muhoozi is now doing preparations and grooming to take over as President when the father resigns? Does this come with the strong diplomatic engagements he has been having since last year?

The President Of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni responded that it’s not true. “Muhoozi is doing the right thing by relating with leaders of other countries, he is one of the earliest ‘Kadogos’ young children of the revolution. He has those linkages and it’s good for him to use them for the country, for Uganda,” said President Museveni.

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