Kenya Bans LGBTQ+ Movies

All movies with LGBTQ+ content are illegal in Kenya, according to the acting head of the nation’s Film Classification Board and are now banned. 'Any content displayed having homosexuality will lead to further consequences'
The acting chief executive of the Kenya Film Classification Board Christopher Wambua
| Photo Credit: 76crimes

Acting CEO of Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Christoper Wambua has said all films containing LGBTQ+ content are illegal in Kenya. Mr Wambua said Kenya does not allow LGBTQ+ content and relationships.

“As we rate and classify content, we also consider other applicable laws. If there’s any other content that normalizes, glorifies same-sex relationships, our position in Kenya has always been to restrict and not to broadcast, exhibit or distribute that kind of content within the borders of the country”. Mr Wambua told Spice FM.

Mr Wambua added that signed partnerships outside Kenya have restricted the viewership of the content within the country. He also said that they have banned several movies produced in Kenya that had LGBTQ+ content in the past years. 

This comes one year after KFCB banned the film, ‘ I am Samuel’, citing a homosexuality theme. KFCB said the film violated article 165 of the Penal Code Act that outlaws Homosexuality, as well as provisions of the Film and Stage, Plays Act Capp 222 of the laws of Kenya. 

President Ruto has given his stand on Homosexuality. in an interview on CNN, Ruto who had earlier said there will be no room for Homosexuality in Kenya reiterated saying “ we have Kenyan law, we have Kenyan constitution, we have our tradition, customs; we will continue to respect other people’s customs as they respect our traditions and customs”. 

Adding that Kenya respects everybody and what they believe in, Ruto said, “ we also have what we believe and we expect to be respected for that too”. 

Furthermore, different countries still don’t encompass the idea of LGBTQ in the setting of the country and it’s punishable.

Over 72 countries in the world criminalise the act of homosexuality and 32 of them are in Africa. The culprits are usually imprisoned indefinitely.

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