Kenya Elections: UK high commissioner denies involvement in polls

The UK reaffirmed that it doesn't involve itself with nor have a view on any candidates or parties in the elections.
UK high commissioner Jane Marriot meets with outgoing President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta.
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With Raila Odinga filing an election petitions case following the recent elections in Kenya, there have been rounds on social media sourcing the involvement of the saga to the United Kingdom.

With the statements, many think that the UK high commissioner Jane Mariotte was involved in the declaration for William Ruto to be president-elect of Kenya.

However, Jane denied these false allegations and interference with the elections or involvement with the stated allegations.

“Who Kenyans elect is a matter for the people of Kenya. We met people from across the political spectrum to explain the UK’s programmes and partnerships with Kenya, including independent institutions,” she said.

She also reaffirmed that the UK doesn’t involve itself with nor have a view on any candidates or parties in elections.

Ms Marriott said Kenya would remain a vital UK partner and Britain would be happy with any decision and polls decided by the Kenyan Government.

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