UNRA to halt the construction of new roads due to accrued debt – ED Allen Kagina

The Uganda National Road Authority might have plans to stop further construction of Uganda’s roads following challenges. 

UNRA Executive Director Allen Kagina said there might be a halt on new projects following the increased debts arising from unfinished projects. 

Following her remarks during a meeting with the parliament’s committee on Commissions Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE), the whole problem stems from the Medium Term Expenditure Framework based on signed contracts for the construction of roads that were delayed and many haven’t been finished.        

“If all the money is not released, the debt will accrue; the solution is to either pay all the debt, which hasn’t been done or stop constructing new roads until we finish the ones we have started,” she said.

There were different remarks that came in from the audience and politicians, especially Mawokota South member of parliament Yusuf Nsibambi blaming the UNRA’s officials. 

“How much do you push against the commencement of new projects because I don’t see any fault on your part, but you are also playing politics, you create the impression that you are going to construct roads, you assemble equipment, you mobilize contractors, whereas not,” he insisted.

The Members of Parliament also demanded accountability for funds diverted to cover employee costs. Furthermore, according to the Auditor General, John Muwanga, the authority reportedly spent Shs.98.3 billion on employee costs.

However, the Committee Chairperson, Joel Ssenyonyi however offered Parliament’s support to UNRA.

“If UNRA is having challenges, we want to see how we assist you to solve the challenges,” he said.

MPs have now tasked UNRA officials to present detailed accountability of the Shs.4.6 billion and the list of projects to which it was diverted.

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