Parliament Demands Statement On Current Police Attacks

The Parliament of Uganda demands a statement giving information on the current police attacks.
The Parliament of Uganda
| Photo Credit: Watchdog

The Kalungu West MP Joseph Gozanga Ssewungu requested the government to provide a broad statement on the previous attacks on the Police stations.

“These people who attack take guns and everything but the information we have heard from the Deputy IGP is that he knows these people but he is not arresting them and the vice is continuing,” he said.

The Minister of Internal Affairs needs to state the matter, as it can bring disharmony in the country and destabilise security, Ssewungu urged.

“Today can be a Police post but tomorrow may be your residence or my residence and so we need to condemn it because we believe in peaceful means,” he said.

However, the Government Chief Whip, Denis Obua, condemned the attacks and said the security forces were investigating the attack.

The deputy speaker Thomas Tayebwa clearly stated that the Minister of Internal Affairs made a statement on 30 November 2022 on the sporadic attacks.

Police have been undergoing some threats and attacks in Kampala and so far two officers are dead. Investigations are underway.

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