Peru protests: President calls for dialogue after more than 30 injured

After skirmishes between protestors and police during widespread rallies resulted in one death and 30 injuries, Peruvian President Dina Boluarte has appealed for dialogue.
Protestors on street
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President Peru Dina Boluarte called for dialogue to restore peace and order in the country after harsh protests that have been injuring Peruvians plus distorting their peace.

It should be remembered that on 19 Thursday, January 2023, thousands marched in Peru’s capital city Lima. As a result, Police estimated some 3,500 people participated in the protests.

All this comes after the impeachment of president Pedro Castillo announcing plans to dissolve Congress and put in place an emergency government last year 2022. He was immediately replaced by his vice Dina Boluarte, now the current president of Peru.

From then on Peru has never settled as multitudes of demonstrators keep on converging on the streets demanding the new president to resign and schedule elections to replace her and Congress.

In addition to the above,  this ongoing political crisis is demanding the release from custody of ousted former president Pedro Castillo who was sentenced to jail for 18 months by the  Peruvian judge around 16 December 2022.

However following the above, During a televised press conference, the Peruvian president rejected the unfactual news regarding the Executive Branch.

She added that the Ministerial Cabinet is greatly interested as it carries on its work to foster national development.

“Once again I call for dialogue, for calm, on those political leaders who are calling for such protest marches to have a more sincere, objective, and brotherly look at the country. Let’s talk and dialogue to bring calm, peace, unity and development to the country,” she argued.

One of   Peru’s top officials had claimed that brutal protests, for instance, blocking roads and destroying private, and public property, are not agreeing with the law.

“You want to break the rule of law, you want to generate chaos and disorder, and within that chaos and disorder, you want to take control of the Nation; you are wrong,” she said.

“From the Government, we tell the people that the situation is controlled and will be controlled,” she added.

“The acts of violence committed in these days, in December and now in January, will not go unpunished. The Government will act strictly and firmly within the framework of the Constitution and the laws that protect it,” the heads of state stressed.

Conclusively, the president of Peru gave a vote of thanks to the National Police in the capital city,  public servants more so those at the Attorney General’s Office, and members of the press for their efforts as far as violent protests are concerned.

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