Petroleum Authority Predicts Further Reduction in Fuel Prices

Fuel prices are expected to drop this year following the current change.
Fuel station
| Photo Credit: monitor

 Fuel prices are expected to fall in Uganda due to increasing supply chains and frugal monetary policies by the central bank.

According to the petroleum authority and different authorities, a litre of petrol was going for an average of Shs5,120 and diesel Shs5,330.

This will serve as a relief to many consumers struggling with the recent bad economy in Uganda and at large. 

However, industry pundits say, the projected trend in price will also depend on external factors like the Russia – Ukraine war and the Covid-19 events in China.

Last year, 2022 saw pump prices hit new reaching almost Shs7,000 in some parts of the country and this in turn sent prices of commodities and services across the board on an upward trajectory.

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