President Chakwera Has Penned To Call For National Referendum

Malawi's Federalism Institute in liaison with other federalism stakeholders have written a petition to President Lazarus Chakwera to call for national referendum.
President Lazarus Chakwera
| Photo Credit: Nyasa Times

Following the cholera outbreak in Malawi in March 2022 and it lately escalated killing a big number of people and about nineteen on new year’s eve.

This has prompted president Lazarus Chakwera to call for support from the international community to declare Malawi a state of national disaster.

According to the Executive Director of democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI), Sylvester Namiwa argued in a statement that Chakwera’s administration needs to call for support.

“We demand that President Chakwera should immediately declare cholera a national disaster and call for support from the international community. The call for local support is already late,” He remarked.

He also confirmed last month December 2022,  that the government had managed to buy  200 out of the required 1.2 million doses of IV fluids, especially Ringers Lactate used to treat cholera.

“Not even the bare minimum is being achieved in providing resources to treat cholera patients and, also, stop the spread of the outbreak,” he added.

Since March 2022, in Malawi, 704 deaths have died of cholera and 21, 024 cases and more have been registered.

On a sad note of late, health workers have been facing the problem of inadequate medical facilities to treat the victims of cholera and hence fight against the disease. 

However, most reports reveal that those with cholera patients are being advised by health workers to pay a certain amount of money for treatment.

In an attempt to fight the disease, the government of Malawi yesterday on 9 January 2023, came up with a statement requesting donations in the likes of cash, and medical supplies to fight against cholera.

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