The Congolese Army Release 30 Civilians Captured by ADF

Thirty civilians were rescued by the Congolese army that was deployed to remove the war of Allied Democratic Forces.
Military deployed against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo
| Photo Credit: Al-jazeera

30 civilians have been rescued by the army in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) after being taken hostage on Friday by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in the North Kivu province, in the east of the country.

The rescued persons were captured during the bombardments on the rebels but are being taken care of before reuniting with their families. 

The spokesperson for the army said that many rebels were killed in the bombings but more rescues are being done to ensure safety in the area.

North Kivu and Ituri province, the latter in the northeast of the country, have been under a state of siege since May due to an increase in rebel attacks. 

Numerous armed groups operate in these provinces, including the ADF which swore allegiance to the Islamic State, CODECO and the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), despite the formal conclusion of the 1998-2003 war. The conflict caused millions of deaths, most of them from hunger and disease. 

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