The U.S Mission Uganda Calls For Accountability on Human Rights Violations

Ugandans deserve a full accounting & those responsible brought to justice.
The Badge of U.S Mission Uganda
| Photo Credit: Twitter

The U.S Mission in Uganda has called for accountability for those responsible for the violation of human rights, in a tweet today.

“We remember the 50+ people killed by security officers 2 years ago today. Ugandans deserve full accountability and those responsible be brought to Justice. Uganda’s Human Rights Act and Constitution must be adhered to and the rights of the citizens protected.

Section 10 of the Uganda 2019 Human Rights Act states, “ A public officer who violates or participates in the violation of a person’s rights or freedom shall be held liable for the violation notwithstanding the state being vicariously liable for his or her actions. 

Ugandans’ rights are enshrined in Ugandan laws. We reiterate our call for accountability for those responsible for Human Rights violations. Accountability is key to building trust between government and its citizens, and to Uganda’s future.” U.S mission tweeted on Friday.

This comes after Robert Kyagulanyi accused Western powers of funding President Museveni. Kyagulanyi claims that Western nations have largely contributed to dictatorship in Uganda and the African continent at large.

“Dictators in Africa are largely funded by the West. General Iddi Amin Dada was funded by the West until they were tired of him. General Museveni receives a lot of money up to a billion dollars annually,” he said in an interview on Citizen TV Kenya on Thursday night.

“When Mugabe did to the people of Zimbabwe what Museveni is doing, he was sanctioned, when all other dictators around the world have been sanctioned, why is Museveni not sanctioned?” he posed.

Consequently, Kyagulanyi dismissed claims that he is a Western Puppet, further pointing an accusing finger towards Museveni.

“General Museveni is a puppet of the West, the West doesn’t pay me, it pays and protects General Museveni, it turns a blind eye to the illegalities of Museveni.”

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