Thousands Resume Potests On The Streets Of Sudan

Thousands took to the streets Friday in Sudan’s capital, a day after nine people were killed in demonstrations against the country’s ruling generals.
Protesters shout slogans during a rally against military rule
| Photo Credit: Aljazeera

Thousands of demonstrators have returned back to streets revolting against the military rulers who have failed to vacate power.

With anger and agony , the demonstrators were seen staging to the streets of the capital, Khartoum, on Thursday 5 January 2023.

Another reason as to why the Sudanese have lighted up the non-burning fire among themselves is the gradual transfer of power to civilian leaders.

The  protest on Thursday  was spearheaded  by the Resistance committees, a united group  together with  Sudanese generals such as Gen Abdel-Fattah Burhan,  Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo who has also not been in harmony with the activities of military rulers.

“We are out today to reinstate the civilian country and we are calling very clearly for the military to return to the barracks and for Janjaweed (Rapid Support Forces, Ed.) to be disbanded”, beseeched  protester Othman al-Hady.

An important reminder is that this is not the first time for Sudanese to strike for instance , hundreds  of Sudanese demonstrated on Thursday  17 November 2022 as they cried out  for justice for victims of a violent crackdown since last year’s October 25 military coup.

Further more on 19 December 2022, the demonstrators in  Sudan were dispersed by tear gas in capital Khartoum.

According to political activist Khaled Soliman , the military  generals have  to return to the barracks, and Janjaweed (Rapid Support Forces, Ed.) are to be dissolved since there is literally no room  for the military institution in power, alternatively the economy.

“All the state issues have to be solved according to a new constitution with a new ideology that assigns the tasks and power for the military to protecting borders and the democratic system”, he added. 

It should be remembered that year Around December 2022, the two military leaders signed a framework agreement with Sudan’s main pro-democracy group.

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