Tunisia Transport Workers Strike Amidst Economic Depression

Tram and bus workers in the Tunisian capital staged a strike over delays in salaries and the lack of an end-of-year bonus Monday, creating traffic jams across Tunis.
State-owned public transport firm Transtu said the strike froze ‘the majority’ transport services across Tunis.
| Photo Credit: AI-Monitor

Creating traffic congestion in Tunis, passenger electric vehicle drivers, and bus workers in the Tunisian capital revolted against delays in salaries and the lack of an end-of-year bonus on Monday. 

All this comes after Tunisia battles an economic crisis that has led to recurring shortages of basic goods from petrol to cooking oil.

This nation of Tunisia is currently hustling with debts of more than 100 per cent of its gross domestic product which is in bargaining with the International Monetary Fund for nearly $2 billion-dollar.

Responding to a call by the transport section of the powerful UGTT trade union federation, Staff members of state-owned public transport firm Transtu decided to move out and thousands of strikes outside the prime minister’s office.

This led to a standstill of a lion’s share of transport services across the capital which harbours dozens of people.

“Wildcat strike paralysed transport across Greater Tunis… disrupting the functioning of public services and the interests of the citizen,” The transport ministry in Tunisia confirmed.

In addition to the above, according to the transport ministry, asserted that the bonus was about to be paid and that it was coordinating with “all concerned parties to avoid further disruptions”.

It should be remembered that during the school holidays in November 2022, Transtu, which runs around 250 bus routes and 15 tram lines, was also put on the lid by a strike.

This prompted the IMF to call for the implementation of a united set of politically responsive measures, including steadily abolishing subsidies on basic goods, and changing the organizational structure of public firms. For instance the Transtu transport issues, monopolies in water, energy plus cereals.

We are looking forward to the Tunisian Government’s working on the bus and tram workers.

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