Uganda Opposition Prioritise Constitutional Reforms In New Parliament Session

The Opposition in Parliament has said that their focus for the next session of Parliament will be on pushing for constitutional and electoral reforms.
Uganda Opposition to priorities constitutional reforms in new parliament session.
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The leader of the opposition Mathias Mbuuga together with the team wanted explanations on the electoral and constitutional reforms.

Mpuuga said that, For citizens to have an input, constitutional and electoral reforms should be taken seriously and this is exactly what they demand from the opposition. 

In addition to the above, He said that they will take the lead in the process in the next session of Parliament scheduled to commence in January 2023.

Mpuuga also noted that the getting going of the Constitutional Review Commission has been talked about over and over again yet the implementation is still pending.

“We have listened to numerous promises about the government constituting a Constitutional Review Commission, which is not what we are waiting for, we are going to take the lead and make these constitutional and electoral reforms our priority,” he stated.

Mathias Mpuuga stated that they have a proposed plan which they hope to share with other political parties probably next to ensure that reforms are considered at the beginning of the session. 

As per the Opposition’s report, 17 statements regarding great deals of work were presented three private member’s bills were considered, up to 35 regarding national importance were raised and 25 possible policy statements were made.

Meanwhile, the others are 12 retaliations to action taken reports, 10 minority reports, and two and still, results were achieved.

In regards to the Local Content Bill which was passed by Parliament, the Contract Farming Bill and the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights (Amendment) Bill which are being amended, Mpuuga said that they are all proposals from private members and hence an achievement.

To nail up the coffin, the opposition called upon the government to resolve the attacks on police posts, severe illegal arrests and detention of some Ugandans to mention but a few.

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