Uganda Police Spokesperson calls for more vigilance on security following attacks

Uganda police spokesperson Fred Enanga calls upon the public to be alert on issues regarding security. While addressing the press he said,” we would like to inform the public that 16.11.2022, will mark the first anniversary of the deadly terrorist attacks that occurred, at CPS Kampala and Parliament Avenue.

It is, therefore, important to remember the three innocent civilians, George Katana, Basibe Ismael and Sande Christopher who died from the bomb attacks, and also honour the life of PC Kungu Amos, who lost his life, while manning the checkpoint at CPS Kampala.”

 He added, “we would also like to honour the 37 police officers who sustained serious and critical injuries, while on duty at CPS Kampala that day. Their sacrifices have continued to make our country safer and secure and thus enabled the public to go about their daily activities normally.

The terrorists have a philosophy of conducting repeated attacks during anniversaries. It is against that background that as the Joint Security Agencies, we continue to call upon all Ugandans and visitors in the country, to remain vigilant, and united in the fight for our values of freedom, liberty and dignity although there are no specific threats directed at our county at this stage,” he asserted.

Enanga continued and noted that it is for these reasons that the counter-terror task teams have intensified their efforts to eradicate the ADF, within the country and in the DRC, as one way to prevent future attacks.

A Brief background

 Since September 2021, the number of counter-terror operations and investigations of suspected domestic violent extremists has increased. A case in point, on 20.09.2021, our task teams foiled a planned attack on the mourners at the burial of the former DIGP, Lt. Gen. Paul Lokech; 

Still, on 7.10.2021, there was an explosion in Kawempe Police barracks, which destroyed two police posts, on 23.10.2021, the bomb attack on Digida Pork Joint at Komamboga killed Emilly Nyinaneza and injured others; 

Moreso, on 25.10.2021, another suicide bomber, identified as Matovu Isaac aka Muzafaru, blew up himself in an Ishaka-bound, Swift bus at Lugala-Mpigi; on 16.10.2021, suicide bombers detonated improvised explosives at CPS Kampala, and at Parliament Avenue; on the 11.03.2022, an improvised explosive device was recovered at the home of Kaggwa Umar, at Kireka-Biira in Wakiso. 

In addition, our operational teams conducted a search at the home of one Kalyowa Moses aka Mozzy at Katooke – Nabweru, where they recovered an IED. Several other counter-terror operations against ADF were carried out in Lukaya-Kalungu and Butambala, where several suspects were arrested and materials used in the manufacture of IEDs recovered,  Fred Enanga claimed.

During the month of May 2022, our CI operational teams arrested Kyeyune Isma alias Beckham alias Buguman and 30 others who admitted to operating a domestic ADF terror cell. Several IEDs manufactured by the suspects were recovered and exhibited

Furthermore, on 25.11.2021, the Uganda Coalition For Change (UCFC) rebels attacked and injured 2 LDUs, then robbed an SMG rifle; on 7.12.2022, they attacked and hacked to death 2 police officers, at Sebobo village, Kibega parish, Busujju Town Council.

It should be noted that on 16.12.2021, they attacked Nakasozi police station, Nakasengele village, where they shot dead 2 police officers and robbed 2 SMG rifles; other ADF terror cells were disrupted and dismantled in the areas of Butambala, Lugazi, Mukono, Lweza, Nabweru Katoke, Kasengejje-Kakiri, Luwero, Ibanda, Rubirizi, Ntoroko and in KMP.

Fred Enanga asserted, “As we have always indicated, the attacks are from known enemies, the ADF and UCFC rebels, who seek to commit violent criminal acts in furtherance of their political goals and ideologies. As Ugandans, we should reject terrorism, in all its forms, because it totally undermines the values of liberty, humanity, freedom and togetherness, which our country, Uganda dearly holds.”

As the Joint Security Agencies, we continue to prevent, disrupt and dismantle terror cells and activities including domestic violent extremism) in the country. The UPDF and FARDC forces have been very instrumental in rooting out the ADF from their strongholds in the DRC. In addition, we have also intensified operations along our borders to prevent any illegal and hostile crossings and are continuously pursuing all perpetrators involved in terrorist financing, and in the recruitment and radicalisation of children, among others, He added.

In conclusion, as the Uganda police force in their tweet “we continue to call upon all Ugandans and visitors in the country, to remain vigilant, and united in the fight for our values of freedom, liberty and dignity.”

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