William Ruto Visits Ethiopia

President of Kenya William Ruto travelled to Ethiopia to meet up with Prime minister Abiy Ahmed and discuss developmental aspects of Ethiopia with the launch of Safaricom Ethiopia.
President William Ruto sitting together with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed
| Photo Credit: theeastafrican

The elected President of Kenya William Ruto arrived in Ethiopia on Thursday morning on his first tour to the region since he took office. 

On his arrival in Addis Ababa, he met Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and is also scheduled to attend the national launch of Safaricom Ethiopia.

Safaricom’s entry into Ethiopia ends the monopoly of the state-owned Ethio Telecom. Safaricom Ethiopia says it has successfully enrolled its network across different parts of the country. 

The Ethiopian subsidiary, known as the Global Partnership for Ethiopia, is a joint venture involving Safaricom, Vodacom Group, Vodafone Group, Sumitomo Corporation and British International Investment. Safaricom owns 55.7% of the company.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President William Ruto have agreed to allow Kenya to import Wheat from Ethiopia. This agreement was made during discussions on Thursday in Addis Ababa.

According to the statement from State House Kenya, Kenya is keen on exploiting its long-standing relations and proximity with Ethiopia to increase cross-border trade.

The President noted, “Kenya-Ethiopia partnership is a cornerstone of our mutual benefit and regional stability”. 

It should be recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said this year Ethiopia will begin to supply wheat products to the foreign market.

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